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Starkites ExA 2010 ohne Bar

ExA 2010 Kite:

Power and Performance
The 2010 ExA, Starkites hybrid model was designed and built for one purpose, top notch performance!

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CHF 880,60 inkl. MwSt.

CHF 1.171,00 inkl. MwSt.

(Preis reduziert um 30 %)

Verfügbarkeit: Verfügbar in 1 bis 3 Tagen

Treue-Programm Durch den Kauf dieses Produktes können Sie die folgenden Treue-Punkte sammeln 103 Treue-Punkte für einen Gutschein in Höhe von CHF 15,45. Ihre Treue-Punkte

ExA 2010 Kite:

ExA 2010 Power and Performance


The 2010 ExA, Starkites hybrid model was designed and built for one purpose, top notch performance. It is intended for demanding riders looking for big/lofty jumps, high powered freestyle and mega loops. Since last year, the Starkites R and D team has been refining the already radical ExA to come up with the new 2010 model. This mutation shows outstanding results in 3 major fields; power, control, and stability. The riding characteristics offer tight on-demand steering, power increase during turns (kitelooping machine), and awesome unhooked performance even in strong winds. With its huge wind range, heavy duty construction, and ease-of-use, this kite proves to be at the top of the charts.


This year the ExA keeps innovative technologies like the auto morphing profile, inner curved leading edge, and dual bridle system to keep the stability, easy relaunch, and responsiveness it has offered in the past. The 2010 ExA offers additional settings including the fine tuning attachment points at the wing tips and three different settings on the front bridles to customize bar pressure, turning rate, feeling and performance. The upwind ability and efficiency of the kite has been increased. Also improved quality reinforcements have been added throughout the kite including: the connections between struts and leading edge, folded strut stitching fortification, flexible pulley connections for less wear and tear, heavy duty bridle attachment points, and longer lasting spectra on bridle area that meets pulley. The ExA is available with the central inflation system to satisfy intermediate and advanced riders’ needs and preferences. The central inflation system can be enabled and disabled on-demand by the rider, therefore the kite can work as a non one pump system kite as well. the central inflation has been designed for easy bladder replacement.


Starkites R&D team has devoted a large amount of time to testing and improving each detail of ExA 09. The result is amazing ... See for yourself!



As with all the Starkites products, the ExA has been developed using state of the art technology and our specialized know-how to make this kite a market leader. 


1. Auto-stabilisation of the kite when it is located at the edge of wind window in gusty winds.


2. Double De-power allowing the kite to flatten the center profile in addition to reducing the angle of attack when sheeting out.



In more technical terms, the ExA s Central Strut Curve Curve is inverted and linked to the canopy by a fabric wall. This feature prevents the kites stalling in gusty winds and also increases the effect of sheeting in and out. Kites with standard struts change the angle of attack when the rider sheets in or out. The ExA changes both the center profile shape and the angle of attack which all leads to better de-power capacity using smaller movements on the bar.


This bridle system will always keep the kite arch in the same shape and ensure power transmission to be complete. The bridle does not absorb or lose force, which makes you get a real and direct response from your kite.



In the Dual System, the central bridle keeps the leading edge in a constant perfect shape, and the lateral bridle gives direct power transmission while maintaining the best kite balance according to the kite s center of power.


The leading edge shape ensures minimal contact with water when the kite is on the water. It also guarantees a fast and easy re-launch.


Just power-up and pull one of the leader lines a few centimetres and it will re-launch the kite. No more swimming needed!


This is the same technology as developed for Starkites SBOW kite, a renowned model for its amazing re-launch capabilities.


Central Inflation

The ExA 09 is available in 2 versions - one with and one without Central Inflation - we want to satisfy all our customers needs and preferences (ask your shop what is available). 


High Strength Structur

ExA Hight Strength Structure creates a very reactive kite thanks to its hybridal radial construction : 1/3 bi-radial and 2/3 tri-radial.


Fabric fibers are orientated in the same exact direction as the power is distributed from, which creates a strong and stiff structure that results in minimum energy loss, increased reactivity, easier contro and increased wind range.


ExA is available in 7, 9, 11 and 13sqm

Our tested wind range is pretty huge and we must admit the 2 kites quiver for all conditions can now be considered. Thanks to a perfect weight balance and bridles settings, you will take off before most of your friends at equal size....


Along with the ProBar, the kite also includes a dual action aluminium reinforced pump, a very confortable extendible bag-allowing you to keep the kite struts inflated and the lines connected, and a repair kit.



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