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F-One Bandit 3 mit Bar Plus F-One Trax 5

Beginner to Pro:
Speed, control and easy upwind tracking on a large wind range are eseential qualities for anyone. The front line orientated traction makes it easier to stay upwind and find the balance on your board whether you are just getting up and riding or landing your first kiteloop!


Since its creation, the TRAX has always been F-ONE most technologically advanced board.

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CHF 2.244,00 inkl. MwSt.

CHF 2.640,00 inkl. MwSt.

(Preis reduziert um 15 %)

Verfügbarkeit: Verfügbar in 1 bis 3 Tagen

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The all new F-One Bandit 3 is a totally new designed kite offering better performance and safety than ever before yet performs at all levels no matter what your skill level.

The new F-One Bandit 3 now comes with a one-pump system and the bridles are cleaner and more comfortable to use.

The F-One Bandit 3 kites has a higher aspect ratio giving you more lift and stability as well as an increased higher wind range.

This 2010 Bandit 3 kite has less bar pressure when you are overpowered allowing for more of a comfortable ride and more confidence to unhook and try new manoeuvres even when overpowered.

The higher aspect ratio canopy profile allow for squarer wingtips making the overall performance of the kite more stable and more direct and precise during jumps.

Featuring the Life Line and the Auto re-launch, it brings superb comfort and safety to the rider.

An innovative C-shape kite with 4 line simplicity for no compromise performance, safety and control.

Developed and patented by F-One, it has proved reliable in all disciplines and for all levels of rider.

This single design is solution for all types of riders for one clear choice.

It combines strong features such as safety, performance, wind range, easy auto relaunch, simplicity of setup and unhooked riding without any compromises.

Beginner to Pro:
Speed, control and easy upwind tracking on a large wind range are eseential qualities for anyone. The front line orientated traction makes it easier to stay upwind and find the balance on your board whether you are just getting up and riding or landing your first kiteloop!

The F-One Bandit III's large wind range lets you ride a whole session without feeling the strongest of wind gusts! Traction from the window edge makes the board lighter and eases tacking on choppy waters. The shortened power/depower bar travel and reduced traction on the rider's arms grant an optimal riding position. While jumping, sending the kite to the zenith will be easier with optimised lift maing for smoother landings.

With easy power control , easy over power riding and simple adaptiong to the changing winds, you are all set to go big! Even when jumping in the high end its easy to fly the kite to the zenith thanks to depower and optimised window edge. With its aerodynamic improvements, the Bandit III launches you higher and glides longer than other kites on the market. The precise and inituitive control bar comforts you on the kites position and trajectory. Your attention will be free to focus on tricks and new figures. When kitelooping, the Bandit 3 (III) retains its speed as it flies back to the zenith and guarantees a soft landing. From the smallest to the biggest Bandit III, the flying characteristics and feeling on the bar are similar and you will be able to switch from one size to another without any adaptation time.

Wave Riding:
For a relaxed surfing session, the use of a smaller and more responsive kite is necessary. Bandit's have great power, its wide wind range and depower make it an outstanding wave riding kite. The wind window and front orientated orientated traction eases the board into the waves and sets it free for carving. Bandit III's quick and short depower and the upfront traction makes it perfect for offshore conditions and engaging in off the lip manoeuvres like never before. With 25 knots onshore you can use the 6m for responsiveness and comfort when entering the rollers! The auto relaunch will get you out of tricky situations and the force frame structre of the Bandit III will resist anything!

Thanks to the F-One's entensive research on the bar feeling and the power / depower bar travel, they have controlled the influence of the backlines when riding unhooked, allowing you to unhook with no stress violent boosts. The gain on the window edge also helps you keep control with less side traction. It will ease the edging of the board and reduced any offside deportation during your jumps! The setup of the frontlines makes it easier and no longer needs continuous adjustments for a better ride. The Bandit III tracks when turning or kitelooping making a much smoother and more natural ride. The feedback returned from the control bar is extremely precise and you will always know where you are even with a one handed central grab. The chicken loop remains accessible and presented in front of you when you need to hook back in also. Thanks to the suicide loop which is built around the upper part of the chicken loop, you can directly attach the leash onto it. In addition the connector rotates around the loop keeping you leash clear and in perfect position.

Racing competitions are often won or lost on the upwind tack. This is where the Bandit III is excellent with its efficient window edge riding and available depower on a wind range. The Bandit's flying position helps control wide racing boards as well as the foil effect of large fins. On downwind tracking, the acceleration and max speed will remind you that the Bandit III is the world speed record holder!

Long Distance:
The Bandit's wide wind range, its speed, constant and ideal traction properties makes it great for long downwind runs. Add to that a stable and responsive kiteboard and you will want to go for your own ocean crossing!

Flying an 8m in over 50 knots can be a nightmare but with the Bandit III you can keep cool as the flying properties keep you in control and the kite control doesn't distort. The great control is what world speed record holders need to beat their own records! Your attention is no longer focused on the kite and those crazy wind gusts but on your trajectory and optimising board speed!

F-One Bandit 3 (III) Main Features:

    * Increased wind window for a constant forward pull
    * Legendary low end Bandit wind range
    * New oustanding high end control
    * Excellent stability over the entire range
    * Shorter bar clearance for full power / depower
    * Smooth bar traction while unhooked
    * Increased Upwind and Speed Performance
    * Maximum Depower with a shorter depower rope
    * Lighter bar feeling and direct confident feeling
    * Better control of the profile and shape in high wind range for impressed
      performance and control

Delta C-Shape Techology:
Delta C-Shape technology is a new F-One patented design offering unmatched stability and steering response when fully de-powered, with a proven C-shape design that maintains the highest standards in performance.

The Delta C-Shape features front line attachment points positioned higher up the leading edge, offering un-matched stability and steering response when fully de-powered, with a proven C-shape design that maintains the highest standards in performance.

EVO De-power & Life Line Combo:

The EVO De-power concept is a simple 4 line system with a 4m long Life Line featuring a V shaped bridle with a pulley system on each of the front lines. This simple system offers complete safety and allows for increased de-power by finely tuning the angle of attack of the kite.

When the quick release is activated the EVO system becomes the Life Line and the kite lands safely on its back with immediate and total power kill.

EVO De-power offers complete control with direct and responsive steering in all riding conditions.

Sheeting the bar in and out is very progressive even with the kite fully de-powered.

Unhooked the kite remains light and very predictable, inspiring confidence so you can progress faster.

Auto Re-launch:
Once the kite is sitting with the leading edge flat on the water, the well balanced Delta C-Shape allows the kite to automatically turn over onto one wing tip.

The kite will then "glide" towards the edge of the window, ready for quick and easy water re-launch.

Force Frame:
Kites with extended de-power ranges sustain more pressure across the canopy as they experience an increased frequency of use over a wider wind range.

Consequently F-One has developed a completely new structure for the Bandit, offering optimized durability with no additional weight gain.

The Force Frame is a solid Dacron structure consisting of the leading edge, the trailing edge and the struts.

This high strength skeleton structure is then covered with lightweight Spy material in the least vulnerable areas.

Fusion Struts:
The struts are integrated into the leading edge of the kite. This increases the rigidity of the Force Frame and reduces drag by creating a clean and well balanced structure.

Control Bars:
All bars will fit all sizes kites - only the smaller sized 7.0m ones are 45 cm and the 14m-16m's are 55 cm. All flying lines are 24 m.

Used by the Pros:

The F-One Bandit 3 (III) will be used by the F-One team in the KPWT- PKRA - SPEED- Long distance events from today and not because we force them - but because they like it!


Since its creation, the TRAX has always been F-ONE most technologically advanced board. For 2010, we have focused on the twist and flex control using a 3D carbon cross in the upper layer: the Twist Carbon Control was born. The TRAX5 does all the work for you as it absorbs all vibrations instead of passing it on your legs. It has an unbelievable directional stability and an astonishing precision when edging. Its 3D bottom shape, composed of a double concave shape, lateral V and channels makes the TRAX5 our fastest board. It also allows us to use a higher scoop for greater comfort and carving. The TRAX5 is a successful mix of technology and performance. It combines the speed and precision one can expect from any top of the line

board. The TRAX5 is made for all those riders who need a competitive board for freestyle, riding in any conditions and great pop to launch big airs.

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